Thermal Zinc Diffusion

This is the core service of ArmorGalv Australia and has key benefits that make it stand-out from mainstream Zinc coatings:

Superior Anti-Corrosion protection – over 1000 hours in salt spray tests

Uniform finish – a precise even coating across the whole component, down to 20 μm. Including hollow components and those with an internal thread.

Tough protection –the zinc-iron alloy is metallurgically bound by diffusion into and onto the base material. The resultant hardness of the zinc-iron alloy is 40 – 45 HRC.

No hydrogen embrittlement – ArmorGalv® products are guaranteed free of hydrogen embrittlement. This is particularly important in the case of safety components and products made from spring steel, hardened or high-strength steel.

Thermal Zinc Diffusion has found widespread acceptance in Australia and is used to coat fasteners, bars, springs, and rail clips. Steel components used on wind farms, underground mines, securing rock walls alongside freeways, road tunnels and railway lines amongst over a dozen applications.


ArmorGalv has three blasters which can be used to blast a range of different items:

Small tumble blaster

Suitable for small steel components up to 300ml.

Large tumble blaster

Suitable for steel parts up to 1 meter in length.

6M bar blaster

Suitable for round bars and pipes up to 6 meters in length and 100ml in diameter.