High corrosion resistance

ArmorGalv technology achieves better results compared to the other Zinc-coating methods by performing strong corrosion resistance for up to 3000 hours in a salt spray test, even in challenging environments as industrial areas and sea atmosphere.

Low diffusion temperature

ArmorGalv coating process is carried out at lower temperatures than the other zinc-coating methods (320c-470c), which leads to significant energy savings. That also allows our clients to protect products that must not be heated at high temperatures, like parts made of spring-steel.

Minimal pretreatment

ArmorGalv coating process does not require chemical methods for preparing the products and corresponding solutions, which are usually necessary for electroplating and hot-dip galvanising (degreasing, pickling, and fluxing).

Environmentally friendly

The whole process is ecologically clean. ArmorGalv coating technology is basing on a dry process, does not contain toxic elements, and chromate-free. Our technology had won the Pollution Prevention Award (MVP2) in 2006, presented by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


ArmorGalv passivation process provides excellent free-air conservation with non-toxic materials, which includes water-cleaning equipment that recycles the water, so the amount of water needed to run the line is low.

Uniform thickness

ArmorGalv coating thickness can range from 25-120 microns, based on the customer’s needs. Our process guarantees utterly uniform thickness throughout the entire part, even on tubes and internally threaded parts.

High abrasive resistance

ArmorGalv coating’s micro-hardness is up to 1636 HV, preventing nut seizure in stainless steel bolts.

Durable adhesive coating

Due to the process’ unique characteristics, the ArmorGalv coating is significantly more durable than other coating methods, with no peeling or cracking even when bending the coated material.