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About armorgalv

We’re all about corrosion protection

ArmorGalv Australia is the southern hemisphere’s largest provider of ArmorGalv® corrosion protection. ArmorGalv® is a zinc iron alloy, with a surface hardness of 31HRC, rather than simply being a “coating”.

By strengthening ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ArmorGalv® is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and durable corrosion protection process. It’s also safer than traditional galvanizing techniques and delivers equivalent or better defence against deterioration.

ArmorGalv® uses a thermal diffusion technique suitable for a range of product applications across several industries. It is serious alternative to hot-dip or electrolytic galvanizing and was developed to replace cadmium (classified as a human carcinogen) and chrome in plating.

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Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv® Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®

When to use ArmorGalv®

ArmorGalv® is effectively used on a range of products for corrosion protection. Examples include:

  • Cast iron: ArmorGalv® is suitable for the protection of casting and ironwork made from special alloys, producing a uniform coating over the entire product surface.
  • Spring steel: the reduced processing temperature means spring steel can be diffusion galvanized without any loss of properties.
  • Hardened and high tensile steel: ArmorGalv® is a dry galvanizing process and offers no risk of hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Fasteners: the multifunctional zinc coating protects against corrosion regardless of product geometry, making it ideal as a lasting and safe protection for fasteners.
  • Rubber metal bonding: thanks to the microcrystalline rough surface, ArmorGalv® provides rubber-metal bonding without the need for pre-treatment.

Industry applications for ArmorGalv®

ArmorGalv® provides vital corrosion protection in a broad range of applications across many industries, including:

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®


Corrosion protection for mining equipment is essential due to the extreme environmental factors at play in a mine site.

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®

Oil & gas

ArmorGalv® Australia provides corrosion protection for the oil and gas industry that will greatly enhance safety and efficiency.

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®


Corrosion protection for the renewables industry is critical given the demand for reliable materials with long service life.

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®


Corrosion protection for the renewables industry is critical given the demand for reliable materials with long service life.

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®


Preventing corrosion on structural steel is essential to the overall integrity and aesthetics of the structure.

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®


Corrosion has the potential to jeopardise transport vehicles and ultimately shorten a structure’s useful working life.

Corrosion protection, Home, ArmorGalv®


ArmorGalv® provides cost-effective corrosion protection for industrial equipment solution, helping your business run at maximum efficiency.

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About armorgalv

Environmentally-friendly corrosion protection

ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing provides important environmental benefits in comparison to other galvanizing methods.

  • No emissions.
  • No chemical pre-treatment.
  • Entirely closed zinc process.
  • No production of dangerous gases.
  • No chemical waste flows.

It is completely non-toxic and heavy metal free, and complies with the Restrictions of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive. ArmorGalv Australia considers thermal diffusion galvanizing as an environmentally responsible protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

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