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Product Applications

Product Applications

Product applications

The ArmorGalv® coating technique has a broad range of options for corrosion protection across several industries.

The thermal diffusion galvanizing technology provides equivalent or better corrosion protection than traditional galvanizing, is safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

options for corrosion protection, Product Applications, ArmorGalv®
Product Applications

Cast iron

ArmorGalv® is highly suitable for the protection of castings and ironwork made from special alloys.

Diffusion galvanizing is used to apply a controlled and uniformly thick coating. ArmorGalv® makes it impossible for the zinc coating to expand uncontrollably (Sandelin effect).

The gradual warming of products during the ArmorGalv® process does not add internal stresses to the base material. This is important in the case of heavy castings with different wall thicknesses.

Thermal diffusion galvanizing produces a uniform coating on the entire product surface. ArmorGalv® excludes the risk of ungalvanized areas in shrink cavities, as can happen in the case of hot-dip and electrolytic galvanizing.

Thermal diffusion galvanized castings of different compositions varying in weight from a couple of grams to more than 100 kg per item are frequently used in various industries.

Product Applications

Spring steel

ArmorGalv® is the ideal galvanizing method for spring steel. A reduced process temperature means spring steel can be diffusion galvanized without any loss of properties.

The process makes hydrogen embrittlement technically impossible. The ductile properties of the coating mean no cracks can form in the coating when it moves to provide elasticity.

Thermal diffusion galvanized spring steel products include small springs used in mechanical engineering industry, pressure springs used in railway line construction or in train wagons, tension pins in the automotive industry and rods up to a length of two metres for conveyor belts used in the agricultural sector.

The shot blasting and stress relieving performed during the coating process increases the fatigue performance of springs and hence their service life.

options for corrosion protection, Product Applications, ArmorGalv®
options for corrosion protection, Product Applications, ArmorGalv®
Product Applications

Hardened & high tensile steel

Hardened and high-strength steels are used more and more frequently. This means that the right corrosion protection must be available for products made from these types of steel.

ArmorGalv® can use adapted process temperatures to successfully protect hardened and high-strength types of steel while retaining their properties. The gradual warming and cooling of the products mean that ArmorGalv® does not add internal stresses to the base material.

ArmorGalv® is a dry galvanizing process and this means no risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Any pre-treatment involves shot blasting, which excludes the possibility of any hydrogen embrittlement.

Contact us to find out more about ArmorGalv® and its cost-effective corrosion protection.

Product Applications


Fixing materials are essential for a lasting and safe construction. The application of corrosion protection must not have a negative effect on the properties and the quality of the steel used because fixing materials are used for a wide range of purposes and in different climatic conditions.

In the case of these applications, ArmorGalv® offers a multifunctional zinc coating which not only protects against corrosion but also adds value on other surfaces.

Even if the product geometry is complicated, as in the case of tapped holes, internal threads, and socket head screws, ArmorGalv® results in a uniform, hard and wear resistant zinc coating. There is no need to tap the thread afterwards.

Thermal diffusion galvanized bolts, threaded rods, M6 to M160 foundation and resin anchors in lengths of up to 6 metres are used in the offshore, oil and gas industries, in infrastructure and in wind turbines.

options for corrosion protection, Product Applications, ArmorGalv®
options for corrosion protection, Product Applications, ArmorGalv®
Product Applications

Rubber metal bonding

ArmorGalv® products have a microcrystalline rough surface which provides excellent rubber-metal bonding. The binding primer can be applied without pre-treatment. The result is a reliable, stress-bearing rubber-metal connection which is resistant to corrosion.

The fact that the binding primer can be applied to the thermal diffusion galvanized surface without such pre-treatment as degreasing and blasting minimizes the number of actions prior to the application of rubber and saves costs.

ArmorGalv® and rubberized components are used successfully in the automotive and transport industries, for example in dampening systems. In the agricultural sector, diffusion galvanized, and vulcanized rods are used in conveyor belts to prevent damage to the agricultural products.