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ArmorGalv® Benefits


The benefits of ArmorGalv® corrosion protection

Most businesses across Australia currently using hot dipping or powder coating techniques are unaware of the environmental benefits of corrosion protection ArmorGalv® offers.

benefits of corrosion protection, Benefits, ArmorGalv®

Environmental Sustainability

ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing provides important environmental benefits in comparison to other corrosion protection methods, including:

  • low emissions
  • no chemical pre-treatment
  • entirely closed zinc process
  • no production of dangerous gases
  • no chemical waste flows.

ArmorGalv® is a completely non-toxic and heavy metal free, environmentally responsible protection against corrosion and wear and tear. Thermal diffusion galvanizing is a cost-effective investment. The long service life has been proven for decades in industrial and marine applications and is testament to its sustainability.

The service life of several zinc coatings in a variety of atmospheric environments is described in EN ISO 14713. The expected service life of a thermal diffusion galvanized coating of, on average, 35 µm is more than twenty years if used in an urban environment.

The corrosion resistance can be substantially increased through the application of a thicker coating to over 100 µm or top coating to a diffusion galvanized surface. In salt spray tests, the ArmorGalv® system produces results of more than 2,000 hours.


No hydrogen embrittlement

ArmorGalv® products are guaranteed free of hydrogen embrittlement. This is particularly important in the case of safety components and products made from spring steel, hardened or high-strength steel.

Hydrogen embrittlement is caused by the diffusion of atomic hydrogen in the steel. Thermal diffusion galvanizing is a dry galvanizing process, and this means hydrogen embrittlement is technically impossible.

The pre-treatment means there is no chance of hydrogen embrittlement because it involves blasting. Any hydrogen present in products will disappear during the process of heating to 300° C, before the zinc iron alloy layers are formed.

By comparison, other methods, such as electrolytic and hot-dip galvanizing, involve the products being pre-treated by acid dipping. During such a process there is a chance that products will absorb atomic hydrogen.

benefits of corrosion protection, Benefits, ArmorGalv®
benefits of corrosion protection, Benefits, ArmorGalv®

Temperature resistant

The stable zinc-iron alloys formed by thermal diffusion galvanizing are diffused 10 micron into the base material and can be used at high temperatures without the zinc diffusing into the steel. This prevents any liquid metal embrittlement.

The coating is heat resistant to temperatures more than 600° C. The zinc-iron alloy does not melt but will burn at temperatures of approximately 1000° C.

Thermal diffusion galvanizing is ideal for ensuring that connecting components in engine rooms and exhaust systems are protected from corrosion at high temperatures. Thermal diffusion galvanized valves and flange connections in the offshore oil and gas industries are used at operating temperatures of more than 400° C.

If your business needs a non-toxic and heavy metal free, environmentally responsible protection against corrosion, contact us today.


Tough & wear resistant

ArmorGalv® applies a uniform, tough and wear resistant zinc layer, even if the product has a complicated shape. The zinc layer protects against, among other things, damage caused by mechanical stress.

The zinc-iron alloy is metallurgic-ally bound by diffusion into and onto the base material. The hardness of the zinc-iron alloy is approximately 40 – 45 HRC which exceeds the hardness of the steel to be galvanized. This produces an extremely high resistance to wear and tear.

Connections for steel and wood constructions, scaffolding and form-work are protected against corrosion and wear and tear, even after frequent assembly and dismantling.

Gear wheels, shackles, locking pins and shafts used in machine, bridges and mining engineering are precisely thermal diffusion galvanized and therefore protected in the long term against mechanical stress and corrosion.

benefits of corrosion protection, Benefits, ArmorGalv®
benefits of corrosion protection, Benefits, ArmorGalv®

The ArmorGalv® surface structure is micro-crystalline and has a natural roughness and unevenness. A surface structure like this is the perfect basis for lubricants, lacquers, coatings, adhesives, and rubber (vulcanisation). This has several benefits.

  • Lubricants are absorbed by the micro-crystalline surface, leading to long-term lubricating properties. 
  • Lacquers and coatings acquire special mechanical bonding qualities on an ArmorGalv® surface. 
  • Application by spraying, dip spinning, electrostatic or catophoresic processes is possible without pre-treatment.

Thanks to the bonding surface, adhesive connections form an inseparable, rigid connection. Vulcanisation on ArmorGalv® products can be achieved by applying the binding primer directly to the diffusion galvanized surface.


Uniform application

Thermal diffusion galvanizing is a dry galvanizing process which involves zinc being vaporized at high temperature and diffusing into steel. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed follow the product contours exactly. The layer thickness can be set precisely to between 20 µm and more than 120 µm.

Strong profiled components, products with an internal thread and the inside of hollow products are galvanized with a coating of the same thickness. Flat products such as rings, discs and sheets are galvanized uniformly irrespective of whether they are thick, thin, or vulnerable parts weighing just a couple of grams or more than a hundred kilograms each.

In contrast to other galvanizing methods, thermal diffusion galvanizing does not leave any areas of the product ungalvanized. This is mainly due to the formation of a zinc coating by means of diffusion galvanizing is not hampered by the product’s geometry.

benefits of corrosion protection, Benefits, ArmorGalv®