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What is ArmorGalv®?

Thermal diffusion galvanizing

ArmorGalv® is the trade name for a thermal diffusion galvanizing technology developed by the Distek Group in 1993. It is a method of applying a uniform, sacrificial, zinc- iron alloy coating using a metallurgical vapor diffusion process.

ArmorGalv® can be applied on many surface types including powder metal, steel, stainless steel and castings and forgings.

Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing, What is ArmorGalv®?, ArmorGalv®

What is ArmorGalv®?

Using a thermal diffusion galvanizing process, multiple layers of zinc‐iron alloy are formed, from a super corrosion resistant gamma layer to a compact delta layer and then the zeta layer.

Think of an onion, with each layer harder and more corrosion-resistant than the previous one.

Characteristics of ArmorGalv® coating

ArmorGalv® has a range of product applications for use across several industries.

To begin using ArmorGalv Australia’s proven thermal diffusion galvanizing process, contact us today.

What is ArmorGalv®?

The process for using ArmorGalv®

Using the proven thermal diffusion galvanizing process is straightforward.


Pre-treatment is often unnecessary provided the products are a bright metal. We believe in providing a high quality finish so where required we recommend degreasing or shot blasting (or both) to our process to remove any contamination or oxidization that would affect the final outcome. Our team will advise if this is required.

Diffusion process

The products are heated in batches together with our magic mixture and zinc powder in closed rotating drums. The diffusion process starts taking place at 320 degrees, where the powder gets converted to vapours and form multiple Zinc and iron alloy layers. Our working temperatures range from 350 – 450 degrees, giving us flexibility to process High Strength Steels too at lower temperatures.

Finishing treatment

Once the container has cooled sufficiently for safe handling, the product is unloaded for finishing. The follow-up treatment requires a thorough wash to remove excess dust and then we add a chrome-free passivation and a clear sealer to give a clean and long lasting finish. Where clients require our epoxy top-coat added we need advising this prior in order to leave the sealer off.


Many of our clients have certain requirements for packing. Their finished goods are packaged for shipment either back to their business – or direct to their clients. We work with you to ensure the ideal outcome.

Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing, What is ArmorGalv®?, ArmorGalv® Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing, What is ArmorGalv®?, ArmorGalv®
Did you know?

ArmorGalv® can also blast products to bring them back to life

Pictured here are images of some rusty couplers before and after blasting.


Thermal diffusion galvanizing is backed by a range of application of a range of technical standards.
These standards include:

Zinc alloy thermal diffusion coatings on steel fasteners, hardware, and other products.

ISO 17668:2016

International Standard for Thermal Zinc Diffusion coatings on ferrous products. Specification.

BS EN 13438: 2005

Paints and varnishes. Powder organic coatings for galvanized or sherardized steel products for construction purposes.

ISO 14713-1: 2017(EN)

Zinc coatings. Guidelines and recommendations for the protection against corrosion of iron and steel in structures. Part 1. General principles of design and corrosion resistance.

ISO 14713-3: 2017(EN)

Zinc coatings. Guidelines and recommendations for the protection against corrosion of iron and steel in structures. Part 3. Sherardizing.

EN 15773:2009

Industrial application of powder organic coatings to hot dip galvanized or sherardized steel articles (duplex systems) – Specifications, recommendations, and guidelines.