Corrosion protection for
industrial equipment

Corrosion protection for industrial equipment can pose different challenges compared to the standard parts we apply the ArmorGalv® treatment.

In the industrial space, products can be exposed to higher temperatures, corrosive liquids, more aggressive wear, and other atmospheric conditions that create corrosion. The result can be loss of equipment, property, resources or productivity. In extreme cases, corrosion can pose a threat to human life due to unexpected accidents.

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It’s imperative to use anti-corrosives to protect and maintain the structural integrity of industrial equipment as replacement can be costly and may not be possible in many cases. When properly maintained, industrial structures and equipment can safety be used for a long time without creating issues. However, if they are neglected in maintenance, they can disintegrate and crumble quickly.

ArmorGalv® can provide a cost-effective solution to issues where corrosion is preventing your business from running at maximum efficiency while minimising maintenance costs.

Use ArmorGalv® for your industrial equipment

Armorgalv BENEFITs

How does ArmorGalv provide corrosion protection for industrial equipment?

Thermal diffusion galvanizing is a dry galvanizing process which involves zinc being vaporized at high temperature (up to 650°C) and diffusing into steel. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed to follow the product contours exactly. The layer thickness can be set precisely to between 20 µm and more than 120 µm.

Strong profiled components, products with an internal thread and the inside of hollow products are galvanized with a coating of the same thickness. ArmorGalv® is chip-proof, can withstand crimping or bending, and creates a strengthened wear surface.

ArmorGalv Australia’s proven superior protective coating is the answer to your current corrosive issues. Some of the industrial sectors that could benefit from ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing include:

  • foundries
  • machine shops
  • abattoirs
  • engineering shops
  • highly automated workplaces.

Parts that could be coated in ArmorGalv® include:

  • fasteners
  • castings
  • high wearing and corrosive equipment
  • ancillary equipment
  • parts for areas where hydrogen embrittlement is an issue
  • cast iron
  • spring steel
  • hardened and high tensile steel
  • rubber-metal bonding
  • tooling
  • production lines
  • chains