Corrosion protection for
defence equipment

Corrosion protection for the defence industry is crucial to maintaining operational performance. The intense climates that the defence industry is exposed to – extreme heat, extreme cold, high humidity, marine environments – all contribute to excessive corrosion.

Defence requires reliable corrosion protection across the army, navy, and air force fleets to ensure all military assets are available and fully functioning when they are required. Containing ongoing maintenance costs is also key.

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Defence forces worldwide acquire, operate, and maintain a large and diverse array of physical assets including:

  • weapon systems mostly made of steel
  • ground, air and sea platforms and vehicles, like tanks, personnel carriers, patrol ships, gunships – all mostly made of steel; as well as aeroplanes, helicopters, having critical parts made of corrodible metals
  • infrastructure, like buildings, port and airport installations, much of it built of steel-reinforced concrete

ArmorGalv® provides corrosion protection for defence equipment which is cadmium free and is proven to withstand adverse weather and corrosive conditions. It is superior to hot-dipped galvanizing and a cost-effective option to stainless steel.

ArmorGalv® is also an important part of defence infrastructure with the protective process being used to fixtures in the dock infrastructure, bridges, ships and boats, automotive applications, and weaponry just to name a few.

Use ArmorGalv® for your defence equipment

Armorgalv BENEFITs

How does ArmorGalv® solve corrosion issues faced by the defence sector?

With ArmorGalv® you are not only getting high corrosion protection you are also increasing your product life in high wearing applications. Our process is proven to increase the hardness of the product being coated. Our coating can be placed in high wear and abrasive environments and still provide superior coating protection.

What tools, equipment, materials, machinery is ArmorGalv® applied to in the defence sector?

  • Fasteners
  • Vehicle and weapon protection
  • As a substitution for cadmium coated parts
  • Structural protection in highly corrosive areas
  • Marine applications
  • Chain and lashings