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Corrosion-resistant zinc iron alloy coating.

It must be ArmorGalv®


The history of ArmorGalv®

An English metallurgist named Sherard Cowper-Coles invented thermal diffusion in the early 1900s. He discovered that by heating a special blend of dry zinc dust with steel parts in a closed cylinder to at least 343° C resulted in a uniform corrosion-resistant zinc/iron alloy coating. In honour of his discovery, the term for the process became known as ‘Sherardizing’. Difficulties controlling thickness and lengthy processing times saw Sherardizing fall out of favour by the 1950s.

Fast forward 40 years to 1995, and Israeli-based metallurgy company, Distek Ltd, discovered, and patented modifications to the zinc powder formula that reduced time and improved consistency. That process became known under the trade name ArmorGalv® and is now licensed for use in over 45 sites across Europe, Africa, the United States of America, and Australia.

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Frequently asked questions

The team at ArmorGalv Australia is happy to answer your questions about the galvanizing technology, its history, the benefits of using ArmorGalv® and its various applications.

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