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Corrosion protection for the renewables industry

Corrosion protection for equipment used in the renewables industry is critical given the demand for reliable materials with a long service life and the high cost of investing in renewables technology. In Australia, renewable energy is becoming a vital source of power. Solar, wind, and hydro energy sources are becoming more popular with consumers but for providers, the challenge is making renewable infrastructure last.

Exposure to environmental corrosion, UV, extreme temperatures, and salt corrosion can challenge component durability. Excessive component failures can lead to high maintenance cost and under performance of energy output.

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Fittings, solar cell support structures, wind generators and heat exchangers are exposed to pollution related corrosion and extreme environmental conditions. Additionally, systems located in coastal environments are exposed to high salt levels which can lead to component corrosion and failure.

Solar and wind farms are often exposed to industrial pollution, one of the most common pollutants being sulfur species or sulfuric acid. When combined with water in the atmosphere, acid rain is formed.  Over time exposure to acid rain will degrade fittings and structural components of wind and solar farms.


How does ArmorGalv® improve corrosion protection for mining?

ArmorGalv® attachment components in the wind, solar and hydro industries are sherardised from the outset. The microcrystalline surface structure provides a perfect bonding surface for lubricants and adhesives.

The ArmorGalv® coating, in combination with a top coating, offers the highest corrosion protection in high wear and aggressive environments. This not only provides protection against corrosion but also prevents hydrogen embrittlement in high-strength steel connecting systems.

The gradual warming and cooling of products during the thermal diffusion galvanizing process mean that no internal stresses are created in the base material.

ArmorGalv® corrosion protection can be used on numerous materials and machinery types used within the renewables industry, such as windmill bolts, structural steels, fasteners, ancillary equipment, and cable trays.