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Corrosion protection for construction equipment

From bridges in coastal areas to modular steel buildings, it is vital that corrosion protection for construction equipment has no negative effect on the durability of the materials used for fixings.

Preventing corrosion on structural steel is essential to the overall integrity and aesthetics of the structure. Whether the structural steel supports a bridge, commercial building or plant, the infrastructure must be reliable in the long term. ArmorGalv® provides steel structures with decades of maintenance free endurance, even in the most adverse conditions.

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Similarly, high demands are made of the functionality and safety of scaffolding, formwork, reinforcing bars, connectors and structural materials, and the durability of the building products used.

Corroded scaffolds pose a serious safety risk to the lives of workers or bystanders on construction sites and, in any case, will not comply with strict industrial scaffolding safety requirements. It is important to take measures against corrosion to ensure the safety and longevity of construction site equipment.

ArmorGalv® provides a uniform, even coating on scaffolding, formwork, reinforcing bars, connectors and structural materials of an un-uniform nature. The high impact and wear resistance mean thermal diffusion galvanized products can be used for longer, despite repeated assembly and dismantling. When paint scratches, the metal is exposed to the elements and deteriorate quickly, therefore requiring frequent maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, galvanized systems are protected from oxidisation and rust for their entire lifespan and have lower ongoing costs than painted scaffolds.


How does ArmorGalv® provide corrosion protection for construction equipment?

ArmorGalv® provides safe and lasting corrosion protection to the connections used for structural steel in the civil construction industry.

During thermal diffusion galvanizing a uniform, hard, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant zinc layer is applied, even in the case of complicated product shapes. The process makes hydrogen embrittlement technically impossible.

Thermal diffusion galvanized HV bolt connections, hinge shafts, locking pins and locking rings connect the steel components rapidly and reliably.

This is important in the case of high-strength steel fixing materials which are used, for example, in steel framed building construction, tunnels, hydraulic work, pontoons and bridges. The fact that ArmorGalv® products are guaranteed free of hydrogen embrittlement is especially pertinent in this case.