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Why ArmorGalv® is the first choice for industry galvanizing Australia

The widespread benefits and applications of ArmorGalv® are matched by the diversity of Australian industries using the thermal diffusion galvanizing product. The coating can be applied to a broad variety of parts, including many materials, shapes, and thicknesses which were not previously thought suitable for hot dip or electro galvanizing. Further, ArmorGalv® delivers far greater environmental and health benefits.

Traditionally, cadmium and chrome were used in hot dip galvanizing for corrosion protection. However, a Japanese court ruling in 1971 saw cadmium use significantly curtailed. Mitsui Mining and Smelting Company was found guilty of causing a severe outbreak of “Itai Itai” disease (cadmium poisoning) in the Toyama Prefecture in Japan.

ArmorGalv® is an effective and efficient replacement for cadmium in the galvanizing process. It is completely non-toxic and heavy metal free. ArmorGalv® is also Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant meaning it is an environmentally responsible protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

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Extreme environmental factors common to mining, including high ambient temperatures, high humidity, acid, and dust, means corrosion protection for equipment is essential. ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing can protect high-strength steel shafts, galvanized chains, hoisting hooks, shackles, long-wall hinge pins, locking pins, fasteners, and attachment systems. Heavy machinery components including cable trays, structural steels, springs, and conveyor components also require protection from corrosion.

Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®
Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®


Renewable energy in the form of solar, wind, and hydro energy sources are becoming more popular with consumers. For providers, the challenge is making renewable infrastructure last. Fittings, solar cell support structures, wind generators and heat exchangers are exposed to pollution related corrosion and extreme environmental conditions. Coastal environments have the added issue with exposure to high salt levels which can lead to component corrosion and failure. The ArmorGalv® coating, in combination with a top coating, offers the highest corrosion protection in high wear and aggressive environments.

Oil & Gas

Corrosion affecting oil and gas infrastructure has a significant cost impact on industry. Crude oils, different gases, fuels, water, steam, and chemicals leave equipment at oil, gas, and refining units vulnerable to corrosion and can lead to serious accidents. ArmorGalv® provides the oil and gas industry with a corrosion solution that enhances safety and efficiency and generates significant cost savings in long term continuity of operations and maintenance.

Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®
Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®


Defence often operates in the harshest of conditions and lifetime of assets is a huge consideration in asset management.

Tests by the US Navy have proven considerable improvements in the longevity of product treated by ArmorGalv®  due to it’s hard finish and deeper penetration into the substrate.


Corrosion protection for industrial equipment can pose different challenges compared to the standard parts we apply the ArmorGalv® treatment.

In the industrial space, products can be exposed to higher temperatures, corrosive liquids, more aggressive wear, and other atmospheric conditions that create corrosion. The result can be loss of equipment, property, resources or productivity. In extreme cases, corrosion can pose a threat to human life due to unexpected accidents.

Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®
Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®


ArmorGalv® provides safe and lasting corrosion protection for structural steel in the civil construction industry. From the structural steel supporting a bridge, commercial building or plant, to the scaffolding and formwork used on construction sites, it must be reliable in the long term. ArmorGalv® provides a uniform coating, even on structures that are not uniform in shape.


Corrosion protection is essential to the transport industry. From railways to automobiles, articulated vehicles to road trains, ArmorGalv® offers multifunctional solutions thanks to the unique properties of both the process and the zinc-iron alloy produced. As a result, safety and durability is maintained and the working life of the transport equipment is extended.

Galvanizing Australia, Industries, ArmorGalv®