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Industries using ArmorGalv® metal corrosion protection

Across the globe, there are many different industries using ArmorGalv® to coat and protect their machinery and products against corrosion.

The durability and extended lifespan provided by the ArmorGalv® coating ensures industries can keep operating, even in harsh environments and climates.

We have outlined some of the different industries currently using ArmorGalv® and why they choose it for their metal corrosion protection.


Industries currently using ArmorGalv®


Corrosion protection for mining equipment is essential due to the extreme environmental factors at play in a mine site. High ambient temperatures, extremely high humidity, acid, and dust are combined and result in high demands being placed on the need for corrosion resistant machines and materials.

ArmorGalv® is used to coat millions of roof support rock bolts in hard rock underground mines. Thermal diffusion galvanized high-strength steel shafts, ranging in weight from 10kg to more than 100kg each, serve as load-bearing hinges in shaft-supporting systems.

Other applications include diffusion galvanized chains, hoisting hooks, shackles, long-wall hinge pins, locking pins, fasteners, and attachment systems.

Heavy equipment machinery components used in mining environments such as cable trays, structural steels, springs for vibratory equipment, and conveyor components have also been treated with ArmorGalv® to prevent corrosion.



Corrosion protection for equipment used in the renewables industry is critical given the demand for reliable materials with a long service life and the high cost of investing in renewables technology.

Exposure to environmental corrosion, UV, extreme temperatures, and salt corrosion can challenge component durability. Excessive component failures can lead to high maintenance cost and under performance of energy output.

ArmorGalv® attachment components in the wind, solar and hydro industries are thermal diffusion galvanized from the outset. The microcrystalline surface structure provides a perfect bonding surface for lubricants and adhesives.

ArmorGalv® corrosion protection can be used on numerous materials and machinery types used within the renewables industry, such as windmill bolts, structural steels, fasteners, ancillary equipment, and cable trays.


Oil and Gas

The combination of numerous factors makes oil, gas, and refinery equipment vulnerable to a variety of corrosion phenomena that can lead to serious accidents. The physicochemical characteristics of crude oils, natural gas, and fuels increase their corrosiveness. Other elements, such as water, steam, different gases, and chemicals also play a role in the corrosion of equipment at oil, gas, and refining units.

ArmorGalv® provides the oil and gas industry with a corrosion solution that enhances safety and efficiency and generates significant cost savings in long term continuity of operations and maintenance.

Our corrosion protection can be used on numerous materials within the oil and gas industry, such valves, fasteners, cable trays, ancillary equipment, and parts for areas where hydrogen embrittlement is an issue.



The intense climates that the defence industry is exposed to – extreme heat, extreme cold, high humidity, marine environments – all contribute to excessive corrosion.

Defence requires reliable corrosion protection across the army, navy, and air force fleets to ensure all military assets are available and fully functioning when they are required.

ArmorGalv is used on different tools, materials and machinery in the defence industry including fasteners, vehicles and weapons, structures, chains, and lashings.



In the industrial sector, products can be exposed to higher temperatures, corrosive liquids, more aggressive wear, and other atmospheric conditions that create corrosion. The result can be loss of equipment, property, resources, or productivity. In extreme cases, corrosion can pose a threat to human life due to unexpected accidents.

Some of the industrial settings that benefit from ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing includes foundries, machine shops, abattoirs, engineering shops, and highly automated workplaces.



Preventing corrosion on structural steel is essential to the overall integrity and aesthetics of the structure. Whether the structural steel supports a bridge, commercial building or plant, the infrastructure must be reliable in the long term. ArmorGalv® provides steel structures with decades of maintenance free endurance, even in the most adverse conditions.

Thermal diffusion galvanized bolt connections, hinge shafts, locking pins and locking rings connect the steel components rapidly and reliably.

This is important in the case of high-strength steel fixing materials which are used, for example, in steel framed building construction, tunnels, hydraulic work, pontoons and bridges.



Corrosion protection for the transport industry is crucial to keeping the nation moving. Corrosion has the potential to jeopardise vehicle and rail track components, generate safety and reliability concerns, and ultimately shorten a structure’s useful working life.

Pressure springs, snap fasteners and rail clips retain their special properties during thermal diffusion galvanizing. They are impact and wear-resistant, but still malleable enough to ensure that no cracks appear when they move to provide elasticity.

ArmorGalv® gives baseplates and clamping plates, manufactured from steel and cast steel, a uniform coating over the entire product, without any internal stresses being created.

In the automotive sector, suitable applications include components for spring and dampening systems, fasteners, container seals and lashing eyes. Rivets are thermal diffusion galvanized because the unique properties of the zinc-iron alloy are preserved after distortion.


Why do these different industries use ArmorGalv®?

ArmorGalv® offers superior metal corrosion protection and a range of benefits compared to traditional galvanizing methods. ArmorGalv®:

  • is environmentally friendly
  • does not cause hydrogen embrittlement
  • is temperature resistant
  • is tough and wear resistant
  • creates adhesive connections
  • creates a uniform coating.


You can read the full list of ArmorGalv® benefits here.

If your business needs a non-toxic and heavy metal free, environmentally responsible protection against corrosion, contact us today.

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