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Frequently asked questions

Because the ArmorGalv® process is unique to ArmorGalv Australia, we receive a lot of questions about its applications and uses compared to traditional galvanizing methods. We’ve listed some of our frequently asked questions for you below.

ArmorGalv® is a galvanizing method of applying a uniform, sacrificial, zinc-iron alloy coating using a metallurgical vapor diffusion process.

You can learn more about what it is here.

Thermal diffusion galvanizing is the process used by ArmorGalv Australia to apply a corrosion protection coating on different types of metal.

It differs to other galvanizing techniques, such as hot dipping or powder coating, as it penetrates the metal, not just coats it, to ensure a longer lasting protection.

You can read more about thermal diffusion galvanizing in comparison to hot dipping in our blog.

  • It’s environmentally friendly: It produces zero waste and has no zinc run-off from the plant.
  • It’s durable: The process penetrates the surface and coats the metal with the zinc-iron alloy. This coating can double or triple a product’s life cycle.
  • It can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous materials: This includes steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and powder metal.
  • It will show imperfections: ArmorGalv® will show imperfections in the metal underneath the coating. This gives you peace of mind knowing ArmorGalv® will show when your products are not safe to use.
  • It can be used across different industries: Due to its durability and lifespan, ArmorGalv® is able to be used in various industries including mining, construction, rail, marine and transport.

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Depending on the type of metal, the ArmorGalv® application process can vary.

Generally, the metal product rotates slowly in a cylindrical drum oven with a blend of zinc powder and minerals to ensure complete and even coverage in the diffusion process.

The drum temperature ranges from 320 to 450 degrees Celsius. This is then moved into a cooling drum to ensure the metal is completely coated.

To learn more about the application process for different metals, visit our applications page.

The main benefits of cadmium were its anti-galling properties, and its ability to not ‘seize’ in the presence of its own corrosion products due to its lubrication properties.

A stainless-steel screw, when cadmium plated, could easily be driven without galling. A cadmium-plated bolt could usually be unscrewed after years of service, whereas zinc plated bolts totally seize up and must be cut or torched for removal.

Stainless steel fasteners coated with ArmorGalv® exhibit the same ability to drive as cadmium plated ones, and ArmorGalv® nut/bolt assemblies are easily unscrewed even after being subjected to 1,000 hours of salt spray.

Absolutely not! Fasteners are coated using temperatures of, at least, 340 degrees Celsius for over 90 minutes in a completely dry environment.

At this time and temperature matrix, there is no chance of inducing hydrogen embrittlement, and it would even relieve any residual stresses that might already be present in the fastener due to other factors.

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The ArmorGalv® coating becomes part of the surface of the fastener. It not only coats, it penetrates (diffuses) into the surface. The result is a hard (38-42 Rc) super abrasion resistant coating that cannot easily be removed by mechanical means.

ArmorGalv® is NOT pure zinc. It is, in fact, layers (phases) of zinc/iron alloy.

The automotive industry has been using a form of this type of ‘galvanizing’ for body sheet metal that will be painted because of its proven superior adhesion to paint. It is known as ‘Galvanneal’, which results in better paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. ArmorGalv®’s surface is not smooth like that of bright electroplated zinc but is rather ‘geographic’.

This surface results in superior adhesion of paint, silicates or Xylan to the surface. Bodycote International uses ArmorGalv® as a base for Xylan that is used in offshore oil well applications for BP, and other topcoats under the tradename of Sheraplex.

When ArmorGalv® is followed by a paint, it is designated as ArmorPlex.

The ArmorGalv® process requires a small investment in pollution control equipment and costs. It is also extremely efficient in its use of zinc and requires practically no water.

These factors combine to make ArmorGalv® very cost competitive with other high corrosion resistant zinc alloy processes.

In Australia, the ArmorGalv plant is located in Thornton, NSW and works with businesses throughout country.

ArmorGalv is an internationally recognised process and is in 45 countries and on every continent (except Antarctica).

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ArmorGalv® is the trade name for the thermal diffusion galvanizing process. This means it is exclusive to ArmorGalv Australia and cannot be used by other galvanizing businesses.

ArmorGalv Australia has the only Australian license to use the technology. 

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