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Galvanised base coat

An ArmorPlex coating system is the combination of a diffusion galvanized coating (base coat) and an organic coating (top coat). These systems are generally used when products are permanently exposed to an exceptionally aggressive environment or for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Top coatings can be applied over ArmorGalv® by painting, spraying, dip spinning, electrostatic or cataphoresis processes without pre-treatment.

The service life of an ArmorPlex coating system is determined to a considerable extent by the mutual bonding of the coatings and the base material. The zinc-iron alloy produced by the diffusion galvanizing is bound inseparably with the base material.

The microcrystalline surface of the ArmorGalv® coating anchors the organic coating. In the event of damage to the top coat, the underlying zinc-iron layer means no base material corrosion of the top coating can occur.

In the case of maritime applications, ArmorGalv® has ArmorPlex systems coated with Xylan® resulting in corrosion-resistance of more than 14,000 hours.


What is Xylan®

Xylan® industrial coatings are dry film lubricants that work under heavy loads, at high temperatures, in chemical and corrosive environments. It was developed by Whitford, a global developer of specialty industrial materials.

Dry-film lubricants are materials that reduce friction between two surfaces without the need for oils and greases. They offer long-lasting lubrication in extreme and adverse conditions, making it the ideal companion product to ArmorGalv®.

After application and curing, these lubricants bond to the substrate and form a solid film, which reduces friction and increases wear life. Dry-film lubricants contain special materials that reduce friction and wear by preventing surface-to-surface contact between two parts.

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