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ArmorGalv process

What is the ArmorGalv® process?

Unlike traditional hot dip galvanizing methods, the ArmorGalv® process creates a long-lasting, metal corrosion protection coating through thermal diffusion galvanizing.

This is a unique process, exclusive to ArmorGalv Australia, which provides numerous benefits over other corrosion protection methods, including:

  • environmental sustainability
  • no hydrogen embrittlement
  • temperature resistance
  • wear resistance
  • adhesive connections
  • uniform application.

You can read more about the benefits of ArmorGalv® here.

What is thermal diffusion galvanizing?

Thermal diffusion galvanizing involves applying a uniform, sacrificial zinc-iron alloy coating using a metallurgical vapour diffusion process. This process is exclusive to ArmorGalv Australia.

Multiple layers of zinc‐iron alloy are formed, from a super corrosion resistant gamma layer to a compact delta layer and then the zeta layer. Think of an onion (that doesn’t peel), with each layer harder and more corrosion-resistant than the previous one.

You can learn more about thermal diffusion galvanizing here

What are the steps in the ArmorGalv® process?

There are six vital steps in the ArmorGalv® process.
  1. Pre-treatment includes shot blasting and degreasing where relevant to remove any contamination, grease or oxidization.
  2. The products are loaded into special containers which are filled with zinc powder, ballast and special compound.
  3. The containers are loaded into an oven where the diffusion process occurs at temperatures between 320ºC and 450ºC. During the vapour phase the zinc-iron alloy layers form on and below the product surface. The coating composition comprises a gamma layer, with 50 per cent iron. This is followed by the delta layer, with 25% iron. Then the zeta layer, with 90% zinc and 7-10% iron, forms on the surface.
ArmorGalv process, What is the ArmorGalv® process?, ArmorGalv®
  1. Layer thickness is then checked and adjustable from 20µm to 120µm. It is uniform and reproducible.
  2. Any follow-up finishing treatment requires chrome-free passivation and unless a Duplex coating is required, a clear sealer is added.
  3. The product is dried and package according to client requests especially where being shipped direct to their clients.

What types of metal can be used in the ArmorGalv® process?

ArmorGalv® is the only metal corrosion protection process which uses metallurgical vapour diffusion. This process allows ArmorGalv® to penetrate and coat the metal, ensuring a longer product lifecycle.

Additionally, ArmorGalv® is a completely non-toxic and heavy metal free, environmentally responsible protection against corrosion and wear and tear. It can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. This means it can be used across various industries including:

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