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ArmorGalv Australia celebrates ten years of galvanizing in the Hunter

Thornton based galvanizing business, ArmorGalv Australia is celebrating ten years of operation in the Hunter. The team are extremely proud of how far the business has come since its thermal diffusion galvanizing technology was introduced into the country in 2010.

Originally designed in Israel in 1993 for the Distek Group, the ArmorGalv® process made its way to the United States in 2006. ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing technology now has over 50 licensees around the world and is used on every continent except Antarctica.

For more than ten years, ArmorGalv Australia has been the only company in the nation to use the safe, environmentally friendly ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing process.

Innovative technology revolutionises the galvanizing process

ArmorGalv® is a name trademarked by the creators of the unique formula of thermal diffusion galvanizing process. The technology was born out of the traditional sherardising process, which involves heating up metal in a rotating drum.

ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing technology uses a metallurgical vapour diffusion process to apply a uniform, sacrificial, zinc-iron coating to ferrous and certain non-ferrous materials. The corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant coating helps increase part life in harsh environments.

In contrast to other galvanizing methods, ArmorGalv® does not leave any areas of the product ungalvanized. This is because the formation of a zinc coating by means of diffusion is not hampered by the product’s geometry, giving an even coating across all surfaces.

ArmorGalv Australia’s General Manager, Clive Jones said the technology offers a range of benefits when compared to traditional galvanizing processes.

The innovative ArmorGalv® technology provides a longer coating life, offers stronger corrosion protection and reduces the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. It can be used on ferrous and certain non-ferrous materials of all shapes and sizes.

The ArmorGalv® process produces zero landfill material, uses limited water and is a chrome-free, non-toxic coating. So, it is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional galvanizing.

Clive Jones

Ten years of galvanizing success in the Hunter and beyond

When ArmorGalv® was first introduced to the Hunter, the original equipment had limitations on batch sizes. Upgrades to the equipment over the past ten years have meant that batch sizes and geometry have now increased significantly.

“By upgrading the rotary kilns bearings, driveshafts, gearboxes, motors, electronics, and heating capacity, we managed to increase the maximum tonnage in one batch. This allowed us to achieve three major Improvements. Firstly, we could reduce cost below traditional galvanizing methods. Secondly, we were able to run a longer coating cycle at higher temperatures which gave harder more corrosion-resistant coatings. Thirdly, by using the right abrasive materials mix we are able to mechanically descale in the process and remove the need to degrease and shot blast.”

The unique ArmorGalv® process has broad industry applications that include defence, mining, marine, transport, infrastructure, power, oil and gas.

“Our mining consumable manufacturing customers have been able to maintain market share or grow into new areas by leveraging off this unique coating technology which is not available in China. The coating does not interfere with thread forms or winding a nut onto a bar. The coating’s low friction gives excellent torque tension characteristics for correct bolt installation, which is a big safety issue in hard rock mining.”

“Rail customers are seeing a decrease in the installation time of railway clips thanks to the low friction, corrosion-resistant coating. And the precise ArmorGalv® coating does not negatively impact scaffolding threads for our construction customers,” said Clive.

In 2014, ArmorGalv® was featured in a research paper for the Coal Operators’ Conference by the University of Wollongong. The paper detailed the benefits of ArmorGalv® and why it was a superior process to traditional galvanizing methods.

Ongoing improvements

Since ArmorGalv® was introduced to the Hunter ten years ago, Clive says the team have worked hard to continuously improve its efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

“We have reduced zinc and electricity usage, man-hours per tonne, freight costs, and waste emissions. We have also increased our output and streamlined multiple facets of materials handling. What started as a simple process to coat metal has turned into an ongoing commitment to safety and improvement,” said Clive

Other companies are also seeing improvements in their business. Delnorth Group manufacture and supply innovative roadside safety products. Its Managing Director, Paul Christie, says the company adopted the ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanised coat on its Steel-Flex® flexible steel guideposts 10 years ago, and has never looked back. 

“The ArmorGalv® coat provides Steel-Flex® with unrivalled corrosion resistance and powder coat adhesion. The ArmorGalv® coat underpins the 10-year guarantee on all Steel-Flex® posts, which are installed in Australia’s most challenging climates and traffic locations,” said Paul.

In business, celebrating a tenth anniversary is no small achievement. The team at ArmorGalv Australia are extremely proud to be one of the leading galvanizing businesses in the Hunter and look forward to continued improvement in technology and growth.

If you’re looking for metal corrosion protection that is sustainable, long-lasting and superior to other Hunter galvanizing processes, contact ArmorGalv Australia today.