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Fixing materials are essential for a lasting and safe construction. The application of corrosion protection must not have a negative effect on the properties and the quality of the steel used. Fixing materials are used for a wide range of purposes and in different climatic conditions.

In the case of these applications sherardising offers a multifunctional zinc coating which not only protects against corrosion but also adds value on other surfaces.

Even if the product geometry is complicated, as in the case of tapped holes, internal threads and socket head screws, sherardising results in a uniform, hard and wear resistant zinc coating. There is no need to tap the thread afterwards.

Thermal diffusion galvanized bolts, threaded rods, M6 to M160 foundation and resin anchors in lengths of up to 3.5 metres are used in the offshore, oil and gas industries, in infrastructure and in wind turbines.