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Cast Iron

Thermal diffusion galvanizing is extremely suitable for the protection of castings and ironwork made from special alloys. Diffusion galvanizing is used to apply a controlled and uniformly thick coating. ArmorGalv®  makes it impossible for the zinc coating to expand uncontrollably (Sandelin effect).

The gradual warming of products during the ArmorGalv®  process does not add internal stresses to the base material. This is important in the case of heavy castings with different wall thicknesses.

Thermal diffusion galvanizing produces a uniform coating on the entire product surface. ArmorGalv®  excludes the risk of ungalvanized areas in shrink cavities, as can happen in the case of hot-dip and electrolytic galvanizing.

Thermal diffusion galvanized castings of different compositions varying in weight from a couple of grams to more than 100 kg per item are frequently used in various industries.