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Perfect Adhesion

The ArmorGalv®  surface structure is microcrystalline and has a natural roughness and unevenness. A surface structure like this is the perfect basis for lubricants, lacquers, coatings, adhesives and rubber (vulcanisation). This has a number of benefits.

Lubricants are absorbed by the microcrystalline surface, leading to long-term lubricating properties.

Lacquers and coatings acquire special mechanical bonding qualities on an ArmorGalv®  surface. Application by spraying, dip spinning, electrostatic or catophoresic processes is possible without pre-treatment.

Thanks to the bonding surface, adhesive connections form an inseparable, rigid connection.

Vulcanisation on ArmorGalv®  products can be achieved by applying the binding  primer directly to the diffusion galvanised surface.