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Thermal diffusion galvanizing is a dry galvanizing process which involves zinc being vaporized at high temperature and diffusing into steel. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed follow the product contours exactly. The layer thickness can be set precisely to between 20 µm and more than 120 µm.

Strong profiled components, products with an internal thread and the inside of hollow products are galvanized with a coating of the same thickness. Flat products such as rings, discs and sheets are galvanized uniformly irrespective of whether they are thick, thin or vulnerable parts weighing just a couple of grams or more than a hundred kilograms each.

In contrast to other galvanizing methods, thermal diffusion galvanizing does not leave any areas of the product ungalvanized. This is mainly due to the fact that the formation of a zinc coating by means of diffusion galvanizing is not hampered by the product's geometry.