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Hard & Wear Resistant

ArmorGalv®  applies a uniform and hard, wear resistant zinc layer, even if the product has complicated shape. The zinc layer protects against, among other things, damage caused by mechanical stress.

The zinc-iron alloy is metallurgically bound by diffusion into and onto the base material. The hardness of the zinc-iron alloy is approximately 40 - 45 HRC which exceeds the hardness of the steel to be galvanized. This produces an extremely high resistance to wear and tear.

Connections for steel and wood constructions, scaffolding and formwork are protected against corrosion and wear and tear, even after frequent assembly and dismantling.

Gear wheels, shackles, locking pins and shafts used in machine, bridges and mining engineering are precisely thermal diffusion galvanized and therefore protected in the long term against mechanical stress and corrosion.