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No Hydrogen Embrittlement

ArmorGalv®  products are guaranteed free of hydrogen embrittlement. This is particularly important in the case of safety components and products made from spring steel, hardened or high-strength steel.

Hydrogen embrittlement is caused by the diffusion of atomic hydrogen in the steel. Thermal diffusion galvanizing is a dry galvanising process and this means hydrogen embrittlement is technically impossible.

The pre-treatment means there is no chance of hydrogen embrittlement because it involves blasting. Any hydrogen present in products will disappear during the process of heating to 300° C, before the zinc iron alloy layers are formed.

By comparison: other methods, such as the electrolytic and hot-dip galvanizing, involve the products being pre-treated by acid dipping. During such a process there is a chance that products will absorb atomic hydrogen.