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  • Dry diffusion process physical/metallurgical bonding with the base material
  • The process makes hydrogen embrittlement technically impossible
  • Adjustable layer thicknesses from 20 µm to 120 µm
  • Uniform coating thickness, also on geometrically complicated  products
  • Stable Zn/Fe alloy
  • Hardness to 45 HRC, so hard and wear resistant
  • Heat resistant to approximately 650° C
  • No liquid metal embrittlement
  • Microcrystalline surface
  • Perfect bonding surface for lubricants such as anti-friction coatings
  • Perfect bonding surface for top coatings including PTFE (ArmorPlex systems)
  • Perfect bonding surface for rubber-metal connections (vulcanisation)
  • Environmentally-responsible and lasting corrosion protection
  • Cost-conscious thermal diffusion galvanizing